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Who processes your data?

BODEGAS LEDA VIÑAS VIEJAS, S.L. with registered address in C/Mayor, 48 – 47320 Tudela de Duero (Valladolid).

What are your rights and where can you demand them?

You can request to exercise your rights by sending written notification to: Dpto. de atención de derechos de los interesados, c/ Cimadevilla 8, 33003 Oviedo (Asturias) or by sending an email to the following address


To access To check your data and be informed about its use.
To correct To correct data which is incomplete or incorrect.
To delete To request to delete data when it is no longer necessary, in accordance with law, consent is withdrawn or you object to its use, amongst other reasons.
To object To object to the processing of data based on personal conditions, in which case once the reasons have been examined the data will no longer be processed.
To restrict the processing To restrict the processing of the data while assessing the legal validity of the request, opposition to erasure or you wish them to be conserved, even though the winery does not need to process them in order to exercise or defend claims
To withdraw consent From that moment onwards your data will not be processed, which shall not affect the processing of data up to that time.
Information on the processing or your contact data for sending a message to our mailbox
For what purpose?

We only require access to the contact details necessary to reply to your request.

Why can we do so?

Because your request establishes the origin of legitimate interest of the company to answer you, and so it is necessary to process your contact data.

Who else has access to your data?

Your data will not be provided to third parties under any circumstances, but it is possible that BODEGAS LEDA VIÑAS VIEJAS, S.L. may not be the most suitable Company in the business line of the Masaveu Group to help you in certain cases, and so you may be referred to another winery or to MASAVEU BODEGAS, S.L. to provide you with information that most suits your needs.
In any event, on the Group website you can find information on the Group’s different activities and go straight to a specific company by accessing the contact form on the web page

How long will your data be kept for?

The data shall be deleted once your request has been met unless it has resulted in another kind of relationship or interest.

Information on the processing of images captured by video surveillance systems
For what purpose?

Video surveillance images are processed for security purposes.

Why can they do so?

The processing of video surveillance images is based on the legitimate interest of the winery to protect their infrastructure and facilities, and to guarantee the safety of their employees and all people entering their premises.

Who else has access to your data?

The video surveillance and security service is provided by the private security company SERCOINFO SEGURIDAD, S.L., which has access to the data through BODEGAS LEDA VIÑAS VIEJAS, S.L.

The images may be provided upon request to Law Enforcement Authorities or judges and courts in the course of investigations or proceedings, or when necessary to exercise or protect the rights of the company or third parties that may be affected

For how long will your data be kept?

Your data will be erased within one month after its recording, with the exception of those images or recordings which must be kept if required during the course of an investigation, until such investigation concludes or if responsibilities are established arising from the recorded activities

Information on the processing of contact and identifying data of companies, business people and professionals
For what purpose?

They are processed in order to keep in contact with companies, business people and professionals that collaborate with BODEGAS LEDA VIÑAS VIEJAS, S.L. or to whom the MASAVEU Group wineries sell their products or to identify the legal representatives of those companies in the event of establishing legal relationships

Why can they do so?

Because the relationship established with clients, distributors and suppliers determines the existence of legitimate interest to maintain fluid contact with the company, business person or professional through its employees and to enable them to verify the representative capacity of their representatives in legal transactions.

Who else has access to your data?

Your data will not be provided to third parties, except when required by law

For how long will your data be kept?

The data shall be maintained for the duration of the relationship with the Company, business person or professional and as regards legal documents while they are in effect or any responsibility may derive from them, or if they are required for exercising rights or defending the company against claims.

Information on the processing of your data as a member of the wine club
Who processes your data?

MASAVEU BODEGAS, S.L. with registered address in C/Cimadevilla, 8 – 33003 Oviedo (Asturias).

The commercial, administrative and promotional management, carried out by MASAVEU BODEGAS, S.L. refers to the products from the following wineries belonging to the Corporación Masaveu Group:






For what purpose?

To involve you in our passion for wine by inviting you to form part of an exclusive group in order to receive special offers and promotions reserved for our best customers, for which the contact data provided to us will be used.

Why can we do so?

Because by signing up to our club through our web page you have given us the consent to do so.

Who else has access to your data?

Your data will not be provided to third parties.

How long will your data be kept for?

Provided that you do not cancel your membership in the wine club. If you cancel your membership, your data will then be placed on an exclusion list to avoid you receiving advertisement on our products, unless you indicate otherwise


Calle Mayor 48, Tudela de Duero, Valladolid, Spain.
Telephone: 983 52 06 82
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